valium coin

token name 0001sensations/ 

symbol valium/ 

max supply per chain 1000/ 

ethereum                                              0xd287e77989f7191989901361754d02d8e00e1d1a/

binance smart chain 0xcFB70a4F8A3665E7C4D12F903cbD5046a541d887/

arbitrium                                                                    0xcf85a6f3b092bd9e9bda1d0ca30b289cdd20a2e3/

valium coin was created on ethereum blockchain by portuguese artist valium in october 26, 2022/ and its main purpose is to be the only means of payment for the acquisition of your artworks/ *today valium coin lives on 3 blockchains (eth, arb & bsc)

empowering poetry,  here & there